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Kerry Summers is one of the top ventriloquists in the country. Not only is he a top performer, performing his hilarious ventriloquism act in over 30 countries throughout world, but he is also considered to be one of the top experts in his field. Kerry is much sought after as a featured lecturer on the subject and has taught his special technique of ventriloquism, privately and in groups, for schools, clubs and ventriloquist associations as far away as Tokyo, Japan.


Kerry’s ventriloquism show uses very unique puppets and differs from the standard ventriloquist’s act. For example...

Charlie, the Sock Puppet is created right in front of the audience out of a simple sock. Charlie soon comes to life and before it’s all over, Charlie and Kerry are singing an incredible, “Yodeling Duet.” This show-stopping routine alone, has audiences filled with awe.

Clarence, the Rabbit is about as cute as they come, but is also a smart mouth from the get-go. Clarence has plenty of funny comments as he jokes with people from the audience. But the most amazing thing about the routine is that all the humor is clean. This segment concludes with Kerry and Clarence singing a classic number, “The Auctioneer,” which has come to be known as, the ventriloquist’s nightmare song. Although the song is very fast and difficult to sing, Kerry’s technique is flawless; there is not a hint of lip muscle twitching as Clarence sings.

Perhaps the funniest part of the show is Kerry’s use of audience participation. It’s an absolutely brilliant concept that leaves people laughing “‘til their jaws hurt!” With special costumes, props and masks, Kerry creates, “Human Dummies” from audience members, as “they” perform as. “Elvis”, “Willie Nelson,” “Dolly Parton,” and others.

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